Quick facts

Middle SchoolType of Organization

$55,000.00Amount of Money Raised

1062Number of Students

75.99%Participation Rate

Beavercreek, OhioLocation of Fundraiser

The middle school band and choir students of Beavercreek Ohio share something very important with music and fundraising: their success is all about teamwork! If you ask them why we do so well with our Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser, the answer is simple: "Because we have to!"

Like many music programs, we here in Beavercreek get almost no funding from the school district and rely heavily on student-driven fundraising to buy instruments, music, supplies for classes, and equipment. For our 6th, 7th and 8th graders, the annual fall Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser is a chance to play a very real role in keeping the music program running, and an opportunity to apply the lessons of teamwork learned in the classroom to a real-life situation.

As band and choir teachers, we can never over-emphasize the importance of individual participation and teamwork to our students. They know that their band and choir groups will sound good only if they're all performing their part.  The same is true of fundraising. When campaign time comes around, the kids know that if they don't participate in a positive way, it affects the entire group just like in the classroom.

We run only one fundraising campaign during the school year and our kids know we really have to make it count. We start gearing up for our two-week campaign on the third day of school.  To help get them off to a good start, we reward kids who sell 12 units in the first week with an early incentive by bumping them up to the next level of prizes. The biggest motivator for the kids, though, is bragging rights. Each class competes against the others, not only for highest sales, but also for highest participation rate.  As much as our kids like the prizes they take home from the fundraiser, the real reward for them is having instruments to play in band, new music to perform, awards, field trips and technology materials.  Our kids really understood why we are fundraising; they knew it is to benefit them.

In the past, each of Beavercreek's two middle school music programs ran separate fundraisers, with mixed success. After one of our schools discovered Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, it wasn't long before we all wanted to sell it and our collaborative music fundraising program was born. By combining our campaigns into a single fundraiser, we consolidate our process to make the most of our campaign. Of course, running a fundraising campaign across two schools presents plenty of challenges and not every fundraising partner is as prepared for those challenges. Jeff, our Otis Spunkmeyer representative, did an amazing job. Whether it was our incentive program, cash handling, or coordinating separate deliveries, Jeff was ready for everything! His experience and organization means we can focus on letting our strong relationships with our students and their families be the driving force behind our fundraiser.

The strength of our students' commitment really shows at the end of our fundraising campaign. This year, in just two weeks' time, the kids earned over $55,000 for our programs on sales of nearly $140,000; money that they know will go directly to supporting the music programs that they love so much. Despite the odds, our music program is actually growing thanks in part to the success we have had fundraising with Otis Spunkmeyer! 

Matthew Frost
Band Teacher, Fundraising Contact
Beavercreek, Ohio

Update - The Beavercreek Music Program held a 2013 fall fundraiser, and earned even more money than they did the previous year. This year they were able to raise over $60,000.00 for their music program! All of us here at Otis Fundraising congratulate them and can't wait to see what is next for their music program!






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