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Thomson Middle SchoolName of Organization

$11,110.40Amount of Money Raised

1736Items Sold

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Thomson, GALocation of Fundraiser

Lucy Adams is an author, blogger, and mother of four teenagers in Columbia County, Georgia. She has coached her kids through fundraisers selling magazines, BBQ dinners, wrapping paper, fruit, and nearly any other item you can imagine. Her hands-down favorite, though, is always Otis Spunkmeyer. 

With four teenagers, bringing cookie dough into the house is a dangerous proposition,  as Lucy brilliantly wrote about in the Columbia New Times. Despite the danger of disappearing dough, Lucy has nothing but positive things to say about fundraising with Otis.

Not only is Otis the easiest way to fake homemade cookies, the convenient, practical packaging makes it easy to bake just the right number of cookies you need right this moment. Or, to sneak just one bite of dough out of the freezer after school, and hope that no one notices. Because Otis Spunkmeyer has been around a long time, everyone knows that they’re getting a quality product, which makes the annual fundraiser easier for everyone involved. In their small community, it’s important for Lucy that they don’t overwhelm people with fundraising requests, so she divides her neighborhood and family, and helps her kids prepare their sales pitches. The leg-work of selling is all theirs, though. She tells them, “This is your club, your sport, your school. You get out there and do the work of raising that money.”

What’s the Adams’ family’s favorite flavor of Otis cookie dough? Every time the fundraiser comes around they try some new varieties, but everyone from the youngest kid to the grandparents agrees: chocolate chip is the family favorite.

The hardest part of Otis fundraising for Lucy and her family is often distribution day, overseeing the logistics of middle school kids distributing frozen goods to friends and neighbors. Even the little challenges that arise are part of the fun - the whole family has a chance to bond over the discovery that they’ve been secretly enjoying grandmom Big Dee’s stash!





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