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Growing up in New York City, I loved watching the NYC marathon every year. Even when I moved away from home, I would still watch it on TV. It is something I have always wanted to do and this year, I decided, it was time for me to run the NYC Marathon. I signed up with a team supporting YAI Network, a national disability support network. Even though I knew I could ask for money, I really wanted to offer them something delicious and useful for their contribution. Cookie dough is perfect because everyone loves fresh baked cookies so I knew this would make the process of asking for donations so much easier. To meet the fundraising goals set by my team, I looked at my choices and knew it had to be Otis Spunkmeyer. 

I always had known that Otis Spunkmeyer was a great fundraising option for schools and larger organizations, but I didn’t realize how well it would work for an individual person needing to raise funds. I originally met my Otis representative months before I actually signed up for the marathon. I had called Otis to do some preliminary research on how the fundraising process works. I wasn’t ready at the time and we fell out of touch, but by nothing short of great timing I got an email from him just to check in and I knew it was now the perfect time to start my Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser. Beyond just being a great resource for my fundraising efforts, he was a constant cheerleader for my marathon training. He knew I was raising money for the NYC marathon, and would send me marathon-related encouragement quotes to keep me excited. He was such a pleasure to work with that I miss talking to him now that my fundraiser is over! 

In my adopted hometown of Beaufort, South Carolina, I teach at a community college. When I told my students that I was planning to run the New York City Marathon, they loved the idea, and were excited to help me make it there. Even though I was the only person running the fundraiser I knew I would need a team of family and friends to help me reach my goal of 150 tubs. Along with my friends and family, my students were a vital part of my fundraising success. I recruited 14 people to help me spread the word and sell cookie dough. I gave each personal an individual goal of 10 items so the end goal was easier to reach.  Then I shared my story and the Otis catalog with my Facebook friends so everyone around knew what I was fundraising for.  Before my campaign even started, I had enough pre-order requests to sell 15 tubs of dough! All together, we sold 166 tubs, and I still have people asking me if I have any cookie dough left!

The whole experience turned out to be surprisingly easy. It exceeded my expectations tremendously!  By giving everyone who was helping me individual goals I think the overall goal seemed more attainable.  

I also knew that I could sell more dough if I made it really easy for the people buying it, so each person who sold dough for me also delivered their dough to the people who bought it. The added convenience was just one more reason that people were happy to help support my fundraising efforts, and get some great cookie dough in the process. Unlike some other products, Otis scheduled the delivery date only a couple weeks after the end of my campaign making the whole process fast and easy!

Working with Otis fundraising was great because people know and love their great cookie dough and baked goods. Another thing that made Otis such a pleasure to work with was their delivery system. Our driver was very kind, and went out of his way to make sure that everything was done right.

Even before I started my fundraiser, people were excited because they knew what high quality, delicious products Otis offers. Being able to make the delivery fast and easy was really the icing on the cake!

Stacy Atkinson

Follow Up – We got back in touch with Stacy and she let us know that due to hurricane Sandy, she had a difficult time getting to New York.  The airports cancelled flight after flight but she was determined to get there in time for the race. Finally she got there 24 hours before the run only to find out that Mayor Michael Bloomberg had made the tough decision to cancel the event.  She said this will not deter her dream to complete the NYC marathon and she is already planning for next year, she is even going to hold another Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser next spring to raise even more money for her cause, not because she has to but because she wants to. Good Luck Stacy from all of us here at Otis Fundraising!





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