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Common scout gear includes a map, compass, knife, watch and flashlight

Teaching Leadership, Responsibility and Life Skills

Our Scouts run fundraisers several times a year to raise funds not only for camping gear and trips but also for their personal scout accounts.
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runner on pavement

One Woman Determined to Make a Difference

Before my campaign even started, I had enough pre-order requests to sell 15 tubs of dough! All together, we sold 166 tubs, and I still have people asking me if I have any cookie dough left!
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kids in a school hallway

The Legacy of Relationships, Resources, and Responsibility

Together, they lay the foundation to achieve VCS's primary goal, to change the world through the legacy that they leave through their 1033 students in grades K-12.
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music notes on a white board

Hitting All the Right Notes

Getting overwhelmed has never been a problem for the chorus and band, who take turns partnering with Otis: Everyone loves our fall cookie dough fundraiser!
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kids eating lunch in cafeteria

Great Ingredients = Great Profits

This year our fundraiser not only covered our budget but enabled us to do a major renovation of our media center because our cookie dough fundraiser surpassed all of our goals for the year!
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Little boy playing the tuba

Teamwork is Music To Their Ears!

The middle school band and choir students of Beavercreek Ohio share something very important with music and fundraising: their success is all about teamwork!
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Little boy eating cookie

Rolling in the Dough

At Gehringer Elementary, every week someone has to go out and change our two marquee signs, even when it’s raining. For years we’ve been talking about getting an electronic marquee, but there was never enough funding for that kind of project – until now.
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Ballerina instructor and student

A Profitable Turnout

For this small town dance studio in sunny California, cookie dough fundraising was a real turning point.
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Child holding blocks

Success for Certain

At Vincent Shalvey Academy, a K-5 charter school, success is a foregone conclusion -- in fundraising as well as academics.
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Camping gear in front of a scout tent

How A Small Troop Makes Big Impact

Every year, Troop 191 holds cookie dough fundraisers to help the West Haven, Utah scouts pay their way to summer camp.
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Adult woman mentoring child on the computer.

Mentoring And Building Positive Relationships

Along with the goal of helping girls get ahead in life, the mentors of Pink Detroit also share a healthy sense of competition.
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