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Our cookie dough and other baked goods for fundraising are made with the best ingredients out there, like real creamy butter, fresh whole eggs, premium Barry Callebaut Chocolate, plump California raisins, and so much more. Otis Spunkmeyer quality is the difference your supporters and customers will appreciate -- and rave about -- with every cookie dough fundraiser you conduct.

Everyone that supports your fundraiser will taste the passion we have for making gourmet cookie dough.

  • All Otis Spunkmeyer brand baked goods contain 0 grams trans fat.
  • Our frozen cookie dough uses no added preservatives.
  • Pre-portioned cookie dough goes straight from freezer to oven. No thawing, scooping or mixing.
  • Best in class quality control processes, including individually freezing the cookie dough portions.
  • Our cookie dough, brownies, and cakes are Kosher certified OUD.
  • Simply the best gourmet cookie dough, made with the  best ingredients.

 All of our ingredients are clearly labeled on each packaging. Production of non-nut products occurs Monday through Wednesday at our facilities. Nut containing products are produced on Thursday and Friday and may run over in the weekend if necessary. Once the last item for the week is produced, the processing line is taken apart (equipment is broken down). A sanitation wash down is done on the equipment and utensils, using a special soaping agent geared to removing residue. Our production lines must pass our peanut protein residue swab testing, ATP-food residue swab testing and visual inspection prior to running any other product.

Ultimately, the fundraising brand you choose reflect on your cause. Otis Spunkmeyer is a trusted partner you can be proud to have on your team, with baked goods that you are proud to share with your community.

We've been a cookie company since the beginning, and that's our core business. Select the best cookie dough fundraising company -- why buy cookie dough anywhere else?

For specific information on the ingredients and nutrition information for any of our fundraising cookie dough, brownies, pretzels, and cakes, visit our products page and view each item's information.

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