For Your Next 5K: Fundraising Tips

Written 10 Aug, 2012 by Mary Conroy 0

5K fundraising campaigns are one of the most popular ways to raise money for worthy causes. Have yours stand out by choosing a fun theme that centers on planned details. Consider corporate sponsorships for raising $5,000 for your next 5K fundraising campaign. Corporate sponsorships can be a great way to receive larger donations in shorter periods of time. In exchange for donations, promise your corporate sponsors free publicity. Many corporations relish the opportunity to get involved with philanthropic endeavors and community events. This helps increase their community awareness.

Prominently place your corporate donors names throughout your marketing literature to increase awareness to your cause. Rely on your past experience when operating a 5K campaign. Past campaigns provide needed insight into your fundraising strengths and weaknesses. They provide a grounds for improvement. By holding previous 5K campaigns, you probably have already developed a strong community support system. Use this system to your advantage while planning your current 5K campaign. Many of your community members may already be eagerly awaiting your campaign and looking forward to supporting your worthy cause.

Having a strong community support system in place makes it easier to ask for in-kind donations and discounts from local merchants. The key to success is maintaining a positive and open communication line between the community and your campaign.

Raise funds for your 5K campaign by having each participant either pay an entrance fee or ask for pledges from family, friends, social networks and community members. Add excitement, and raise additional funds, for your campaign by auctioning off day passes to local gyms and fitness centers. Approach the business owners and explain your campaign. Ask for day pass donations.

Charge $5 for each auction admittance. Explain they will be bidding on a day pass. At the end of your 5K run, auction off the day passes. Have a refreshment table set up along your 5K route sidelines and sell some pre-baked brownies, chocolate chip cookies and pretzels to attendees to increase your revenue. Remember to have plenty of our marketing materials available such as catalogs so more orders can be placed.

Plan a 5K pet walk as your fundraiser. Everyone loves showing off their dogs and having others notice them. Pets love to be petted and walked, and what better way to get attention and exercise than by taking part in a pet walk? 

Have each participant pay an entrance fee or obtain pledges to increase your revenue. While your 5K pet walk takes place, operate a refreshment table and sell liquid refreshments that have been donated by local restaurants. Also sell some of our Otis Spunkmeyer pre-baked goodies such as cranberry oatmeal, oatmeal raisin and reduced fat chocolate chip cookies. Do not forget the pretzels for the attendees without a sweet tooth.

Start planning your 5K event at least six months before the starting date. You need time to get the word out to as many people as possible, obtain corporate and community sponsorship, obtain media attention and recruit passionate volunteers to make your goals as successful as possible.

Contact your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough representative with any questions you have about organizing your 5K campaign. This is especially true if you have never held a 5K event before. Be sure to recruit passionate and motivated volunteers who eagerly support your cause. Motivation and passionate are contagious. Both traits help increase sales.

Develop a budget and stick to it. Budgets play crucial roles in keeping your expenses under control while raising needed funds. 5K walks or runs require upfront costs that can add up quickly. Choose a favored and worthy cause, organize it properly and watch your financial goals become a reality.







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