Unique and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Fall

Written 17 Sep, 2012 by Jen Johnson 0

Fall can be one of the busiest time of year for fundraising. Kids are back to school and communities are getting into the holiday season of giving. To achieve success, make your cookie dough campaign stand out from the rest. Make it unique and easy by using any of the following ideas.

Have a Hayride

Nothing goes better with the cooler temperatures of fall than going on a hayride. All age groups love it since it takes them back to a simpler time in life. Contact local farm owners and other similar venues and inquire about it. Explain your fundraising campaign and ask if the facility can donate the admission fee to your worthy cause. Hayrides are an easy way to bring in profits for your cause.

Fall Season Potluck

Potlucks are one of the easiest themes to have for raising funds. Schedule a community potluck and hold the event at your local community center, or even in your school's auditorium. Make it unique by having a food theme, such as the seasonal foods in abundance during this time. Have each participant bring a dish that contains a specific food. Fall foods include squash varieties, cabbage and pumpkin.

Make your potluck easy and unique by setting up a refreshment table and selling cookies made into the shapes of the season. Shapes include goblins, leaves, pumpkins, witches' hats and other items your imagination comes up with.

Fall Clean Up Party

Provide a community service that cleans up messes left behind from Halloween revelers. Have team members work in groups to increase fun and motivation. Pass out Otis Spunkmeyer seasonal fundraising catalogs at each venue and have your team members talk about your cookie dough fundraising campaign.

Ask for cleaning donations like plastic bags, gloves, soap and paper towels from your local store. In return for the goods, you can promote the business on your marketing literature.

Hold an Online Auction

Online auctions are an easy way to raise fundraising dollars. During the fall, you can make your campaign unique by concentrating on selling seasonal items such as blankets, throws, knit caps, gloves and boots. Ask for local donations from businesses, team members and workplace associates. Take pictures of the items and write compelling descriptions to increase sales.

Share news about your auction on your website, with social networks and throughout offline marketing literature. Remember that Otis Spunkmeyer supplies free literature to help you succeed. Take the easy way out by approaching an online auction seller to do the work for you. Explain your campaign and ask if they can donate their services.

Pumpkin Patch

Fall season signifies pumpkin season. Nothing is more easy, fun and unique than holding your cookie dough campaign at a pumpkin patch or local farm. Set up a table and decorate it with autumn colors, tablecloth and balloons. Sell pumpkins, brownies, pretzels and three types of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. Ask a team member to volunteer to bake up the batches.

To increase fun, hold a jack-o-lantern carving or decorating contest. Award the winners a free incentive such as a reusable water bottle. Fall fundraising can be easy and unique. Have fun and watch your profits grow.







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