Tips for Motivating Fundraising Volunteers

Written 08 Jan, 2012 by Mary Conroy 0

As rewarding as fundraising projects can be, they also can be tiring and time-consuming. To keep everyone's spirits up, and increase sales, you need to make motivation a central point. Offering a number of incentives is the sure way to spark the fires of your participants towards reaching your group's goals.

Everyone loves a prize. Use prizes as an incentive for achieving specific goals throughout your fundraising campaign. Working towards a specific prize increases motivation and sales, making your participants willing to do even more. To achieve the greatest level of motivation, make certain your prizes are high quality, reusable, fashionable and in demand. Otis Spunkmeyer has a variety of prizes such as wrist bands, plastic water bottles, and sports sleeves available for you at no extra cost.

Motivate your fundraising participants by encouraging competition. Most everyone likes to win a fairly fought battle. Divide your volunteers into teams. Schedule a meeting to tell everyone that whoever sells the most either daily, weekly or monthly will win a surprise. Provide a teaser about the surprise to spark everyone's interest. For instance, if your surprise is a trip to a baseball game, tell your participants that the prize has to do with America's favorite pastime.

Having a raffle is another way to motivate participants. Set a specific small goal such as whoever sells the most chocolate chip cookie dough during the week, will have their name put into a raffle bin. State what the raffle prize is. At the end of the week, have a drawing during a team meeting. Whoever's name is drawn gets the prize you specified.

Awarding grand prizes is another way to motivate your group. When you first start your fundraising effort, post that the person who sells the most cookie dough will be awarded a grand prize. Be sure to stay within your group budget, but award prizes like a computer, movie tickets or cash. Rewarding your group's top participant can spur on the entire group towards the prize.

Give out early-bird incentives. You can move your fundraising efforts along by motivating your participants to meet specific objectives by a specified deadline. For instance, if your fundraiser starts on Monday, state that the first three people to reach $100 in cookie dough sales by Wednesday will receive a gift certificate to wherever you choose. 







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