Team Fundraising to Help Your Community

Written 03 Nov, 2011 by James Porter 0

Fundraising plays an important role in providing much needed money to help in running sports clubs, buying equipment for schools as well as for good causes such as disaster relief. Several key ingredients are necessary to ensure your fundraising effort is a great success. The first, and possibly most important, of these is making sure everyone volunteering understands the importance of the cause. 

An easy way to improve participation is by choosing a fundraising product that is easy to sell and talk about. The beauty of an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser is that it is easy to run but at the same time can still generate big profits. Customers are able to look through a catalog of products and simply decide what flavor best suits them. It is difficult to resist tempting cookies such as the classic chocolate chip or triple chocolate chunk. Once the orders have been collected, Otis Spunkmeyer will deliver the cookie dough to the distribution point for your buyers to pick up. All that is needed from the fundraising organizers is to advertise the event, distribute catalogs, and arrange the distribution of the cookie dough to all the buyers. This makes fundraising participation very easy, and enjoyable.

Taking advantage of a team mentality is another great tool for increasing participation. When fundraising for a sports organization such as the local basketball, hockey or soccer team, encouraging each team member to recruit on friend to help goes a long way. Imagine what you can do with twice as many people. Having a sports team involved can provide another big advantage in promoting your fundraiser. If the team is involved in a tournament or a big game then you can have a ready-made event where you can easily distribute catalogs and advertise the fundraiser to a large number of people. It is always important to educate your supporters about the good cause that their money will go towards. This will increase sales since people are more willing to part with their hard earned cash if they know it is used in a good way.

If you can spread the workload and at the same time make sure everybody involved has fun, then your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser will be much more likely to realize big profits to aid your community.

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