Successful Fundraising without Wealthy Donor Contributions

Written 14 Dec, 2012 by Mary Conroy 0

Even though wealthy donor contributions can seem to make fundraising easier, it is a fact that individual donors are responsible for an average of more than three-quarters of charitable donations yearly. There are a number of ways to fundraise without approaching the wealthy.

Develop Meaningful Relationships

The better you and your team member's relationships are with your community and potential donors, the better. Strong relationships increase confidence in your cause, trust in your team and open communication lines for everyone involved. Always remember the importance of a simple "thank you." The more comfortable your relationship partners are, the more your donations will potentially be. Train your team to politely respond to a "no" from any potential supporter. Just because someone says "no" now, does not mean they will not purchase in the future. How your team handles negative reactions can spell success for your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraising campaign.

Connect With Those Interested in Your Cause

People with a history of supporting causes similar to your own are more likely to eagerly support your cookie dough fundraising campaign. You need to do some prospect research to determine which people are best suited to be contacted by you and/or your team. The more compatible to your cause, the better. Prospect research consists of joining networking groups, networking with your prospect's acquaintances, visiting your Chamber of Commerce and asking around your community. Start reading local newspapers to find individuals who frequently support philanthropic causes similar to yours. You can also find names of donors by reading fundraising journals. Check as many resources as possible. Develop a potential donor grid where you can rate each prospect via interest, philanthropy and capacity.

Cultivate Past Supporters

Contacting those who have a reputation for supporting your previous campaigns can save you time, frustration and foster stronger relationships. After your team receives support, remember to always follow-up with your supporter. Do this during the off-season. Perhaps start an email newsletter to keep everyone informed about your off-season happenings. Showing your appreciation is crucial for developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Multi-Channel Approach

The more channels you have, the better your chances of successfully meeting your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough campaign's goals and objectives. Begin realizing that fundraising is a numbers game. This means the more people you approach, both online and offline, the better your chances are of receiving needed funds. Reach out to businesses of all sizes and types, in all industries. This includes sole proprietorships.

Something Tangible

Offering something in addition to your high-quality, and tasty, delights can bring in additional supporters. Some people may enjoy seeing their name in print, in a spot on television or as an interviewee on your local radio station. When approaching a prospective donor, offer them the chance to obtain publicity as a way for your campaign to show gratitude for their support. Have their giving take on tangible aspects to make everyone happy. A properly appreciated supporter develops loyalty and confidence for your future campaigns.

Fundraising without wealthy donor support is possible. Do your research, put in the time and watch the funds start rolling in.

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