Simple Ways To Motivate Fundraising Volunteers

Written 24 Jul, 2012 by Mary Conroy 0

Your volunteers should be the fuel to your fundraising fire. When they are motivated and energetic, you will be amazed at the difference this makes in your cookie dough fundraising experience. Not only are you more likely to see the results you want, the entire process will be more enjoyable and less stressful. However, volunteers are only human, and sometimes you might find yourself with unenthused or uninterested volunteers on your hand. When this happens, these tips will quickly add a little spice back to your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser.

Show your appreciation in concrete ways 

Your volunteers are generously offering their time and energy. Feeling as if they are taken for granted saps motivation quickly. Instantly boost motivation with a warm smile and a heartfelt "thank you." Avoid vague, general expressions of gratitude. Tailor your approach to each individual volunteer. Try something like, "Thank you for reaching out to so many of your friends and really showing your enthusiasm for chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to your great attitude, we are much closer to our goal than we expected." Show that you do notice and appreciate each person's contributions to the big goal, no matter how small.

Make fundraising into a social event

Whether kids, teens or adults, most people enjoy volunteering because it helps them connect with existing friends or make new ones. When your volunteers are working alone, they can get bored or unenthused more easily. Boost your volunteer morale by holding a small social event. A little party or gathering is a quick way to make sure your volunteers are having fun and improving their teamwork skills. Consider serving cookies as refreshments, so that your volunteers can give even better testimonials to potential donors.

Use incentive programs 

Sure, your volunteers are generous people who want to support a good cause, but there is nothing wrong with appealing to their competitive sides. Otis Spunkmeyer offers an incentive program with prizes that appeal to a range of volunteers. Motivate volunteers further by creating a poster with the prizes prominently featured. Visual cues can be powerful motivators. Casually ask your volunteers which prize they would most like to win and discuss why it would be fun or practical. For younger volunteers, especially, you can supplement the incentive program with your own system. Keep a chart for each volunteer, displayed at every meeting. Create badges for each landmark your volunteers reach, such as selling a certain amount of cookie dough.

Keep your cause at the front of everyone's minds

You are not holding a fundraiser just for fun. The profits will support an amazing cause, and that is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get your volunteers pumped and excited. Take a little field trip with your volunteers to remind them of the fundraiser's importance. For instance, if you are fundraising for a better school playground, take them on a tour of the current playground and point out all the cool new features students can enjoy if the fundraiser is successful. Make sure volunteers understand the concrete and positive changes they are helping to bring about.

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