Setting Up For A Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Written 26 Dec, 2013 by Mary Conroy 0

Whether it’s for a local charity, or the high school football team, hosting a fundraiser is a fun way to raise money for a worthy cause. Successful fundraising, however, takes skill and effort. The best way to make sure that your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser is a success is to ensure that you set it up properly. 

One of the reasons why some fundraisers aren’t as successful as others is that many people simply don’t give themselves enough time to plan, and prepare their fundraiser. You need to start planning your fundraiser, at least two months in advance. This will provide you with enough time to gather your team, plan the fundraiser and advertise the fundraiser.

The first step to hosting a record fundraiser is to organize a team of volunteers to help you with the event. You need to organize your team as soon as possible, so that you can begin setting up your fundraising event. Your volunteers need to know in advance what their role in the Otis cookie dough fundraiser will be, and what responsibilities they will have during the planning and preparation process.

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