Sell More Cookie Dough at Your Next Fundraiser

Written 22 Aug, 2011 by James Porter 0


For a fundraising event to be a success it is essential that we have a clear idea beforehand about what we are going to make or do in order to tempt people to part with their hard earned dollars. Often, we go for the well proven method of appealing to people's stomachs by selling something edible, tasty and irresistible. We find that nothing works better in tempting people's taste buds than having a cookie dough fundraising event.

The first step in any fundraising event is to make sure it is well advertised. When we have a cookie dough fundraiser, we design posters and flyers with tempting pictures of the cookies that can be made from the dough we will be selling. This works much better than just having some plain text on a sheet of paper or a picture of a tub of dough. Everyone can get involved designing the posters and then distributing them around the community.

Selling cookie dough as part of a fundraising event has many advantages over other methods.

1. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, nearly everyone loves cookies so we immediately have a large customer base.

2. The cookie dough comes ready packaged in easy to transport containers and is delivered directly to your venue. We offer a variety frozen cookie dough options, including favorites like chocolate chip.

3. We suggest a display of sample cookies on plates with a nicely designed label so everyone knows what they are trying. Having the samples available to will give your buyers an opportunity to see what they are getting and your volunteers a tasty snack. Offering samples will also entice people to buy different varieties the next time you do a fundraiser.

4. It is important not to lose sight of the reason for the cookie dough fundraiser. On delivery day be sure to make posters to remind your buyers what they helped to accomplish.

Having a cookie dough fundraising event is great fun and always a big success if you make sure you are well organized and follow some simple guidelines. Once you have done it once you will find you can't wait to do it all over again.


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