Planning Your Next Dynamic Fundraising Campaign

Written 30 Jun, 2014 by Jen Johnson 0

When running a successful and dynamic Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser you often get so caught up in the activities and in leading your groups that you forget to monitor your cash flow. You must continually check your donations and take note of when you need to revamp your fundraising message or activities.

Be sure to communicate your needs to your donors and explain what your needs are and how your donations are down. You can best do this when you know:

  • What your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly financial needs are.
  • When funding will affect your programs or staff needs.
  • When your donation downturns are. This way you can send a reminder to those who actively support you.


It is also very helpful to incorporate new fundraising ideas into your dynamic cookie dough fundraising campaign. Think about adding some summer fun into you next campaign.  Beaches and picnics are perfect for hot summer months. Make it a potluck to save money and build community. Pass out our professionally prepared flyers around your local area, to media outlets, and to work places. Set up a table and have fundraising campaign literature available to entice sales.

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