Most Profitable School Fundraising Themes

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The most profitable fundraising themes can keep more money in your budget by minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses. Using our cookie dough as your fundraising product is a great choice since it offers your campaign the highest profit margin.

Teddy Bear Picnics

Summer is a great time for enjoying barbecues and picnics. Holding a picnic can be a profitable fundraising theme. Keep more money in your fundraising budget, and increase your profits, by holding a potluck picnic at a member's house. If no member has a large enough yard, contact your local park or ask if they can donate their facilities for set hours.

Ask each attendee to bring a teddy bear. At the end of the picnic, take the teddy bears to a local children's charity. Publicize this throughout your marketing literature. Request each team member bring a dish to share with others. Having a sign-up sheet available so everyone can write down what their dish will be can prevent overlapping.

Ask each member to bring their own place setting. Place settings include utensils, napkins, plates, glasses and bowls. To enhance the festivities, ask your team members if they know of any local musicians who are willing to volunteer their talent in exchange for free publicity. Tell the musicians to bring their business cards to pass out to interested parties.

Remember to post event materials with teddy bear graphics around town and at your venue with details about your fundraising picnic. Use a variety of our Otis Spunkmeyer literature to instill a professional image to your campaign. Ask for volunteers to bake up batches of a wide assortment of our cookie dough, brownies and pretzels to sell at your picnic. Set up a table where your fundraising team can sell the goodies along with some liquid refreshments.

It's Gone To The Balloons

Have your profitable fundraising theme be a memorable one and center on balloons. Decorate your auditorium, community center or other venue with balloons. For activity, hold a water balloon toss. All ages can partake, increasing the fun value. Either ask for balloon donations from your local party supply store or have each member bring a bag. Either way, it will not cut into your fundraising budget.

Develop a sign-up sheet and distribute to your team members. Be sure to use balloons as graphics on your literature. Place the sign-up sheets throughout your school, community venues and workplaces. Have parents take some into their workplace to increase participation. Sell some pre-baked cookie dough during the balloon toss. Attach balloons to your sales table. You can also have some tubs available for sale on site, to increase profits. Be sure to have plenty of order forms, catalogs and collection envelopes on hand.

Form participants into two lines, facing each other. Have each participant toss the balloon to the opposing person. If the water balloon is not busted after the first toss, have the pair move back a step. Keep doing this until the balloon breaks. The winner will be the driest pair, holding an unbroken balloon. Give the winning pair an incentive prize, such as a reusable water bottle.

Battle of The Bands

Hold a profitable fundraising theme centered on music. Use musical notations and pictures of famous musicians throughout your marketing literature and venue. Invite local musicians to take part in a competition to raise funds. Charge audience members a low admission fee. Sell a variety of pre-baked cookie dough at your music-themed fundraiser. Use music-themed tablecloths, napkins and cups to add to the festivities. Have your audience members vote on the winner. Schedule an interview with your local media for the winning band.

The most profitable fundraising themes combine fun with frugality. Enjoy!


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