Little Details of Fundraiser Planning

Written 18 Sep, 2012 by James Porter 0

Taking one hour to plan your cookie dough campaign can save you three hours of work. It lowers your frustration level, keeps your team on track and makes achieving your campaign goals easier. Paying attention to the little details can make or break your cookie dough fundraising campaign. Plan accordingly.

Contact information is an essential detail you must plan for to operate a successful fundraising campaign. All other details of your campaign can be in place, but without visible contact information, you are losing the battle. You must give your potential buyers as many chances as possible to get ahold of you and your cause. Make it as visible as possible, both online and offline.

Contact information includes your campaign name, physical address, phone number, email address, fax number plus your campaign's website and/or marketing blog address. Be sure to place your contact information on all your Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising marketing literature including your press releases, flyers, volunteer sign-up forms, posters, signs and cookie dough catalogs.

For online communications, be sure to place the information at the end of all your web content, in a "contact us" section of your website, in your multi-streaming videos and throughout your social networking communications.

Revenue contains a number of little details you must understand when planning your cookie dough fundraiser. Figure out how much money you need to raise to meet your financial goals, known as your total projected revenue. If you need to purchase uniforms, for example, multiply the number of players by the purchase price.

Break this figure down by estimating how much you plan on receiving from different income sources other than individual donors. Sources can include community groups, local and global businesses, governmental grants and interest income. Total those sources and deduct from your total revenue. The amount remaining will be how much you need to raise from individual supporters. Put these details in your Budget Plan.

Now you must calculate how much each team member must raise. Use an online calculator, like that found on our Otis Spunkmeyer site, to calculate individual figures. Convey this information to each member to keep them motivated and informed.

You need to understand the little details involved in the expense area of your budget when planning your cookie dough fundraiser. Expenses spell out how and where you will spend campaign dollars. Plan on having fixed expenses that do not change such as rent, equipment leases and overhead. Estimate your variable expenses, items that change. These include electricity, printing, mailing, fuel, telephone and salaries. Be sure to take some money and set aside into a petty cash fund for unexpected expenses.

Your donor base is a crucial detail of your campaign. While planning your fundraising campaign, you need to concentrate on the details involved with your donor base. You must analyze your donor records and make adjustments as needed. What is their average purchase/donation? Have you grown your donor base over the years? Or, has it stayed the same? Has it decreased from prior years? Analyzing your donor base provides insight into changing strategies to improve overall success.

Consider your campaign dates when planning your fundraiser. A number of factors come into play. If planning an outdoor activity, schedule it for warmer climates. Consider the holidays and the fact other nonprofits will be fundraising at this time. Remember your competition so you do not overload your donors and/or community.


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