Ideas to Keep Your Swim Team Fundraising Afloat

Written 11 Apr, 2012 by Mary Conroy 0

Operating a swim team can be an expensive endeavor that involves keeping the pool, bleachers and facility in topnotch condition. It also means having enough funds so the team can travel to other swimming competitions and events, have proper training tools, and a variety of needed equipment to compete with other teams. Effective and creative fundraising can keep your swim team floating in a number of ways.

Fun-Filled Swimming Contests

Keep your swim team afloat by holding swimming contests and awarding Otis Spunkmeyer incentives as the prize. Hold a contest for each age group, such as preschool, elementary, middle and high school, plus a separate one for adults. Make fun the center point of the contests. Have a contest for the most original water aerobics exercise, least water splashed while swimming a lap and/or another for the most unique maneuver while swimming a lap.

Swimming Relays

Relays can be a great way to foster teamwork and competition. Form teams of two where one touches the other's shoulder at the completion of a lap. The first person back wins a prize of a Otis Spunkmeyer reusable water bottle.

When your swimming contest and relays are going on, sell your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. Get a volunteer team together to take orders, talk about the fundraising campaign and emphasize how your swim team needs their help to stay afloat. Be sure to not use any hardcore selling tactics, which will turn others off. Set up a table along the area's perimeters so no one gets wet.

After the swimming contests and/or relays end, hold a bbq or potluck with live entertainment and food donated by local businesses, restaurants and/or community members.

Traditional Pool Party

People love gathering around the pool, so why not turn this into a fundraising campaign for your swim team? Have a family-oriented pool party. Send out feelers to find volunteers that have a pool and a large enough area to hold your party. Make certain the pool owner has insurance so you avoid any liability in case of accidents. Also remember to set pool usage guidelines so others behave accordingly. Ask swim team parents, school board members, business owners, friends, business associates and your social media contacts for referrals.

Set up a booth at your pool party where your team can take orders for cookie dough. Make certain you have ample amounts of catalogs, order forms and volunteer sign-up forms.

Hold a Swim Pledge

Hold a swim pledge as your fundraising campaign. Have each swimmer receive pledges from people for swimming so many laps. Pledges can be received either in real-life or online. Sell cookie dough while the water action is taking place.

Hold an Indoor Swim Bash

Everyone loves a party and what better way to fundraise for your swim team than by holding an indoor celebration with a potluck theme? Have each attendee bring a dish to share, except for desserts. The desserts will be the pre-baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies provided by your team members, parents or other volunteers. Have a sign-up sheet where participants list what they are bringing.

Decorate your place with swimming-related decorations such as pictures of Olympic swimmers or award-winning team members, balloons, table centerpieces with earplugs, nose plugs hanging from lamps and other creative ideas you come up with. Use swim-themed plates, cups and blue napkins to complete the water theme.

During your party, have an area set up where you and your team can take orders for Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. Make certain everyone understands the delivery date and answers any questions efficiently to increase sales and avoid misunderstandings.

Bringing the community, team members and swimming enthusiasts together for a fun-filled fundraising campaign can foster friendship, support and loyalty that can last for years.

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