How to Meet And Exceed Your Fundraising Expectations

Written 08 May, 2012 by James Porter 0

Selling Otis Spunkmeyer treats is a great way for your organization to reach their fundraising goals. Some groups have raised as much as $45,000 over the course of their fundraising campaign. How can groups reach such a high amount? For every $16 tub of cookie dough you sell, your organization receives $6.40. If everyone in your group participates, you can see how the money can add up quite quickly. Here's a look at how your organization can meet and exceed your fundraising goals from the start of the fundraiser through delivery day.

Set Your Goals

It is important that everyone in your group knows why you are raising funds. It might be for a trip, new uniforms or for a town improvement project. Whatever the case may be, your members should be clear on the reason they are raising funds, so they can tell potential patrons how their money will be spent. Alongside the reason, clearly define the goal of how much your organization wants to raise. Creating a poster, website or periodic newsletter that mentions total sales and how close you are to your goal will inspire your members even further to reach that goal.

Encourage Competition Among Your Organization

A little friendly competition among members of your group will not only spur more participation, but also increase the amount of funds that you raise. Offer prizes for individuals who sell the most cookie dough tubs. Additionally, consider grouping your organization into small teams of two to four people. Not only will your members have a better time selling our cookie dough product with their partners, but you can create team competitions utilizing those same groups. Consistently post which individuals or teams are in the lead of the fundraising competition so that other members of your organization try and catch up.

Create Mini-Events within the Fundraising Campaign

Aside from asking individuals or groups to reach out to members of the community to sell tasty treats, create events where members of your organization target another event that is already happening. For example, sporting events, musical concerts and fairs draw a lot of people. Contact the people running those events and ask if you can set up a booth outside or inside of those events. Break the day into shifts so that several of the organization members sell cookie dough over the course of the event.

Tell People Where You'll Be

Years ago, advertising a fundraiser was a cumbersome task. Most people didn't have the budget to announce it on the radio or make a commercial to get the word out. However, today, through the power of social media you can easily spread the word about your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser. Take to social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook and announce where and when you'll be selling the items. Additionally, have every member of your organization post or tweet about the fundraising campaign. You'll be amazed at the network of people you'll be able to reach.

Corporate Sponsors

Many people just think about selling Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, brownies, pretzels and other sweets to individuals. However, don't rule out companies in your area. Create a specific task force among members of your organization that contacts local businesses and asks them if they'd like to purchase Otis Spunkmeyer sweets. A few large orders from a few businesses such as restaurants can really add to your bottom line.

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