Get Your Volunteers Excited For a Water Polo Fundraiser

Written 19 Sep, 2011 by James Porter 0

The budgets are down, but water polo is not out. This team of dedicated athletes, their supportive family, their friends can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Together the solution is within reach. A fun and popular school fundraiser is in the planning stages.


Fundraising for sports is now a necessity. A water polo fundraiser is necessary to fill the gap caused by school budget cuts. Equipment replacement is needed and the funds are unavailable. Swimsuits and swim caps top the current need list and the hunt for the best price and high quality product has begun. But the missing component, which can not be overlooked, is the lack of funding. It takes individuals to make a team, and it will take a team to earn the needed funds.


Fundraising efforts offer more than just profits. They offer an opportunity to learn some valuable life lessons. Team work extends beyond the pool, past practices and competitions. You can't depend on others to meet your needs. If something is needed, set a goal, collaborate with your team, family and friends and make it happen. A fundraising effort also teaches students the power of team work in their school and in their community. They learn valuable skills in marketing, selling, and dealing with customers. Efforts like this also teach students the importance of being active members in their community, civic pride and charitable work.

Tough Times

Money is tight right now. Many consumers have cut back on their spending during these tough times. So in order to maximize profits, careful consideration should be given to the type of fundraiser your group holds. Customers are looking to spend their money wisely, their budgets are slimmer than they once were. There are some basic budget categories that might be reduced, but cannot be fully eliminated. Fund raising within those categories is your best chance of success.

What product?

Cookie dough fundraisers fit the bill. First of all, food is already budgeted for, where as car washes, auctions, and magazines sales might seem like frivolous purchases to the customer during these tough economic times. Cookie dough provides the consumer a chance to support your water polo team without blowing their budget. Frequently on customer shopping lists anyway, usually in the form of pre-baked cookies or cookie baking ingredients, a bucket of cookie dough is a reasonable and valuable purchase.

Make it Easy on Your Customer

Make that connection for the customer and you now have a strategic marketing tool. Have the students calculate the cost of making a dozen cookies with the cookie dough versus purchasing equivalent pre-baked cookies in the local stores, put that information on a sign. The cookie dough fundraiser offers flavors that give the customer a gourmet break from the ordinary store-bought cookies. Emphasize every available selling point by providing your potential customers useful suggestions of who in their life might enjoy

School budget cuts are causing the loss of sports programs, as well as other activities. Approach your fund raising with a quality product at a reasonable price and a strategic plan, and you and your team will experience success. Give us a call today to learn more.

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