Get Creative with Winter Fundraising

Written 23 Dec, 2011 by Mary Conroy 0

In the dark and often cold winter months fundraising seems like a boring idea. Here are some unique fundraising ideas for the winter months. 

Ice Skating

Team up with a local ice-skating rink to have an event to raise awareness for your cause and have some fun. You can get entire families involved and send them away with excitement for your future projects by giving them an activity that they associate with fun and your projects.

Cardboard Sledding

Think of it like a soapbox derby. Get to your volunteers, sellers, and donors from previous years together to build bobsleds out of recycled materials and race them at the local park. This can be fun for your team and entertaining for the spectators who get to judge the entries. During the event you can tell the crowd about what you are raising money for and how they can help.

Movie Night

If you already have a space that can accommodate people, give them an excuse to socialize and mingle by hosting a beloved movie.  Put up some posters for your cause and bring in some refreshments to give your community an inexpensive night out and your cause some valuable attention.

These are just three ideas that can get you started on your way to fundraising success even in the less active winter months. We would love to hear what creative means you have used to launch a fundraising campaign in the winter. Leave us a comment.

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