Fundraising Tips for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Written 17 Apr, 2012 by Mary Conroy 0

Out of all the holidays on the calendar, Mother's Day and Father's Day might not be the flashiest or most exciting events. There are rarely any parades, fireworks, TV specials or presents for the whole family. But just because these two holidays are a little more understated doesn't mean that they aren't heartfelt and worthwhile. Mother's Day and Father's Day offer a chance for everyone to stop and consider something that they might not always consider: how much their parents mean to them and how much parents contribute to their success and happiness. These holidays are all about love and caring, making them the perfect holidays to support your fundraising campaign.

At Otis Spunkmeyer, we believe that cookies evoke all the warmth and fun of family life, and have a nostalgic appeal that is sure to tie in with these heartfelt holidays and help you drum up sales for any fundraising cause you have in mind. If you are going to involve Mother's Day and Father's Day with your fundraising campaign, make sure to manage your time well. Remember that both holidays have variable dates depending on the year. Mother's Day occurs on the second Sunday of each May, and Father's Day occurs on the third Sunday of June. Make sure you know when the holiday falls and schedule your fundraising campaign accordingly. Try to time your fundraising efforts around a month to two weeks before each holiday.

If you have to double-check the dates, chances are, many people will also have trouble remembering the exact date. Work with a local grocery store to see if you can sell frozen cookie dough outside the store during the weekends leading up to the holiday. People who are rushing for a last-minute gift for their parent, spouse or grandparent might just realize that Otis Spunkmeyer cookies will make the perfect complement to a bouquet, box of chocolates or necktie. The gift will mean even more to the recipient if he or she knows that the cost went to a good cause.

Hold a special Mother's Day or Father's Day brunch or dinner. Invite grown children to take their parents out for a special meal in their honor. Have samples of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies available throughout the event and be sure to have plenty of order forms available. Or hold a cozy, old-fashioned "cookie social" that gives grown children and their parents time to catch up and enjoy some socializing in the middle of their busy lives. Offer a broad range of samples so that each parent can pick his or her favorite kind, whether that is chewy peanut butter or sweetly spicy oatmeal raisin.

For parents of younger children, baking cookies together is a great bonding opportunity. Warm, freshly baked cookies are an ideal dessert for Mother's Day or Father's Day, after some fun time spent in the kitchen. When you are sending out promotional materials about your fundraising campaign, be sure to mention that baking Otis Spunkmeyer cookies is a cozy family activity that will be sure to create lasting memories for any family. Cookie dough makes a great gift for parents from their younger children, so advertise the fundraiser as a way for one parent to help their kids buy a surprise present for the other parent.

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