Creative Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Written 03 Dec, 2012 by Jen Johnson 0

Creative Christmas fundraising ideas utilize this special time of year to add excitement, spirit and holiday magic to the hard, cold process of raising money. Raising funds this time of the year offers many fun-filled and festive opportunities.

Wreath Auction

Everyone loves holiday crafts of some sort. They provide a fun, relaxing and creative way to spend some time. Have your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraising campaign be a wreath-making party. Set aside a certain time period, say two hours, for all your attendees to create the wreaths. Ask your local crafts store for donations of artificial or live holly, evergreen, pine cones, small ornaments and ribbons.

At the end of this time period auction off the wreaths to attendees. Before the event starts, ask for volunteer team members to bake up some batches of our tasty goodies. Sell these tasty delights during the wreath making portion.If you are uncomfortable with the wreath-creating portion, simply ask community members for wreath donations and hold an auction. Add some fun to your event by having a local auctioneer donate their services.

Jingle Run

Raise money for your cookie dough fundraiser by holding a charity run or walk, utilizing jingle bells. Bells exude fun, Christmas cheer and celebrations. Plus, your fitness-related festivity will help others stay in shape during this festive and food-filled time of year. Each runner, or walker, receives donations from people sponsoring them.

Give every participant a set of bells and a Santa hat. Ask your local crafts or department store for bell donations and Santa hats. Award our free incentives, like a reusable water bottle, to the winner who brings in the most donations.

Have a Bake Sale

Everyone loves home-baked goodies, and having team members bake up batches of our Otis Spunkmeyer brownies, pretzels, croissants, and cookie varieties will offer something for everyone. Place our signs by each baked good, to avoid confusion. In addition to selling baked goods, have liquid refreshments available for purchase. For even more fun, shape our baked goodies into Christmas symbols like a bell, Santa face, deer, and/or Christmas tree.

Go Christmas Caroling

What other time of the year can you get a group of people together and sing songs like "Jingle Bells", "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" and the like? People love hearing caroling. Schedule some team practice meetings. You can choose either walking and caroling around your local community or standing by the front entrance of a popular community venue. Have a bucket available for donations.

Christmas Concert

Christmas concerts are sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit. Charge an admission fee. Entice supporters by offering discounted tickets before the concert. The day of the concert, charge attendees the full price. Set up a refreshment table and either take catalog orders or sell our prebaked goodies, before and after the concert. Make it even more fun by dressing up as Santa. Consider having the Grinch show up to add some spice and extra enjoyment.

These are just a few of the creative Christmas fundraising ideas you can use to support your worthy cause. Choose the best one for your cookie dough fundraiser and utilize it to the fullest extent. Doing this will have your supporters eagerly awaiting your next cookie dough fundraiser.

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