Charter School Fundraising Ideas

Written 17 Jan, 2012 by Jen Johnson 0

Fundraisers are important for most schools to support school musical ensembles, pay for field trips and provide other benefits for students and teachers. This is particularly true for charter schools, which are often on shoestring budgets with little left over for luxuries. Let Otis Spunkmeyer be your fundraising partner. Our frozen, pre-portioned cookie dough is universally popular and comes in a variety of tempting flavors for quick baking year round!

We've been helping schools fundraise for over twenty years. Don't know where to start? Our complimentary promotional materials, catalogues and order forms take the guesswork out of organizing your fundraising campaign. We also have lots of ideas to make your fundraiser unique, enjoyable and profitable.

Students love our cookie dough fundraising program because of our optional seller-incentive package. Selling dough earns kids points they can redeem for fun prizes, and more dough in the freezer means more dough in the bank! Parents love our fundraisers because each order is shipped directly to the purchaser, eliminating any need for extensive delivery efforts by students and their families.

We are deeply committed to student safety and have designed our fundraising program to be highly profitable without any door-to-door solicitation. Many students take orders at their church or athletic club; we also encourage parents to bring our catalogues to work and sell cookie dough to their co-workers. Other popular places to fundraise include grocery stores, community centers and public libraries. Be sure to ask permission first; then set up a table in the foyer or on the porch.

Communication is a crucial part of any fundraising campaign. Signs and posters are effective and fun to make, but don't forget to advertise your fundraiser online as well. Try creating a Facebook page for it! Social media marketing exposes your fundraising campaign to a huge assortment of people who would otherwise not be aware of the delicious cookie dough you're selling.

We love cookies and you love cookies! Actually, pretty much everyone loves cookies. Delight your loved ones and contribute to your charter school by selling the world's favorite cookie dough. It just might become a beloved tradition.

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