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Tips for Motivating Fundraising Volunteers

Written January 08, 2012 by Mary Conroy 0

As rewarding as fundraising projects can be, they also can be tiring and time-consuming. To keep everyone's spirits up, and increase sales, you need to make motivation a central point. Offering a number of incentives is the sure way to spark the fires of your participants towards reaching your group's goals.

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Motivate Your Volunteers with Great Fundraising Incentives

Written December 21, 2011 by Jen Johnson 0

  People tend to fear fundraisers because they picture themselves begging or manipulating friends for money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraisers are a great way to invite friends and the broader community to share in the good feelings of supporting a worthwhile causes. It allows them to feel like they took part in doing something meaningful. If the fundraiser is clever, it also gives them the sense that they are competing for a prize in a fun way.

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Rewards Following A Successful Fundraiser

Written December 10, 2011 by Alan Lopez 0

Congratulations on your successful fundraiser. Since the campaign was first an idea to the final completion, it has been a hectic and busy time. Now that it is over, you need to reward yourself for doing such a fantastic job. Take some time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself and your team. You deserve it. Thank You Party

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Great Fundraising Prize Ideas for All Ages

Written November 27, 2011 by Alan Lopez 0

The success of your fundraiser will depend on both the quality of the product offered to your supporters and the motivation level of your sales force. Partnering with Otis Spunkmeyer assures your group is working with the premier fundraising product. Highly motivated sellers are then needed to realize the maximum profit from an Otis fundraiser, Any group hoping to make the most of an Otis fundraising opportunity needs to spend some time developing effective inspiration to keep the sales growing.

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Create Incentives to Enhance Fundraising Campaigns

Written November 25, 2011 by Mary Conroy 0

Finding and keeping a highly motivated volunteer sales force is a vital part of holding a successful fundraising campaign for your school, sports club or other organization. While choosing to hold a fundraiser using popular, easy to sell products like Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, brownies and other treats go a long way towards making your volunteer crew happy, developing incentive and prize programs for sellers can really help boost your bottom line.

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