Date: August 2011

Category: Working With Volunteers

Volunteering For the Whole Family!

Written August 22, 2011 by Alan Lopez 0

These days everybody has so many different activities and responsibilities to fit into the day, that often volunteering gets pushed to the back of the agenda. However, with some careful thought and planning, volunteering can easily fit into a hectic lifestyle while at the same time still be both fun and rewarding. One of the keys to this, we find, is to get the whole family involved in volunteering.

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Getting The PTA Excited About Your Fundraiser

Written August 18, 2011 by Jen Johnson 0

So, we have our fundraiser determined and are starting to organize it. But, the PTA does not seem that interested. How can we motivate our volunteers? First, before we finalize what the fundraiser is, we take the time to poll the potential pool of volunteers. Doing something nobody else is interested in is not going to work. Finding an idea that many people are excited by is key to motivating volunteers to take part.

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How to Keep Your Volunteers Motivated

Written August 03, 2011 by Jen Johnson 0

Anybody who has found themselves in charge of a group of other people will at some point have wondered how to keep their volunteers motivated and engaged. One of the most straightforward ways of motivating volunteers is to recognize the effort which they are putting in on your behalf. Sincere thanks and praise will make your helpers feel appreciated. Checking in with them frequently, and listening to anything they might want to bring up about the job they are doing, will make them feel secure and supported.

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