Date: August 2011

Category: Prize Programs & Incentives

Little Known Ways To Boost Your School Fundraisers

Written August 25, 2011 by Mary Conroy 0

Why do you work? Why do you send your children to school? What do you clean, or cook, or work out at the gym? The simple answer is that you are working toward goals, or helping your children work toward theirs. What is more rewarding than to reach those goals? How do you feel when you work toward a raise and get one? How do you feel when your child succeeds in school? How about when you look at your check-marks next to completed goals? You feel great. Humans thrive on goals and the rewards associated with them. Your fundraising events should be based on the same concept.

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Keeping The Fun in Elementary School Fundraisers

Written August 20, 2011 by Jen Johnson 0

When launching an elementary school fundraising program, it is absolutely essential to have the maximum number of participants possible. The more students taking part in your fundraising drive, the more opportunities your organization has for making money. Unfortunately, sometimes encouraging your students and parents to participate in fundraising activities can be a real challenge. Because young kids can be difficult to keep on track.

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Happy Kids Build Successful Fundraisers

Written August 03, 2011 by Mary Conroy 0

Working with happy, incentivized kids can make fundraising a great learning experience. We want to encourage our kids to stay excited about raising money for a cause and help them give it their best. We want to keep the fundraising process fun for them and build positive attitudes about charity. And we want to watch their progress to ensure the success of our fundraising efforts.

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