Date: August 2011

Category: Planning Fundraisers

Raising Funds For Your Field Hockey Team

Written August 31, 2011 by James Porter 0

It is time to go back to school, and that means the start of the fall sporting season. Teenagers need that valuable time outside to build strength and character, and to work as a team. It is also good fun for parents to cheer on their teens as they take the field and sweat their little hearts out, while parents get to sit in the stands drinking hot coffee from a thermos.

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Easy, Do It Yourself Fundraising Ideas

Written August 30, 2011 by Jen Johnson 0

When you're faced with the task of raising hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for your charity, school or organization, choosing the most profitable ideas is a real challenge. The most successful fundraisers are ones that have no up front cost and make the most of limited volunteer time and energy. Why not combine tried-and-true high profit fundraising techniques with sales of the number one frozen cookie dough, which yields a profit of $6.40 per tub for your cause?

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5 Must Know Tips for Cheer Team Fundraising

Written August 29, 2011 by James Porter 0

 Encouraging your teens to take part in sports or activities is a really good idea. It helps them to make friends, develop skills and stay fit at the same time. It certainly beats sitting in front of the television or playing computer games all day. However, these activities nearly always require a source of funding to provide essential equipment, event entry fees, coaching staff and transport to events. For the cheer team, money is always needed for maintenance and running of the team bus, new uniforms and equipment such as pompoms.

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Fundraising for Your Track and Field Team

Written August 28, 2011 by Mary Conroy 0

It's always great to see your children getting involved in sports teams or organizations. It helps boost their confidence and make new friends as well as keeping them fit. You never know, you may even have a future Olympic champion in the family. It is important that these clubs and organizations have sufficient finances to purchase the necessary equipment, coaches and transport to make the whole experience fun, safe and rewarding. This is often where the parents come in to provide help in fundraising for sports.

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Planning a Cross Country Fundraiser

Written August 26, 2011 by James Porter 0

If you are planning a cross country fundraiser, consider selling cookie dough to raise funds for your program. This is a simple and effective way to bring extra funding into your child's athletic program, and the kids love it! A cookie dough fundraising sale is easy to get started, easy to sell and easy to deliver, which is why it is such a great program.

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