Date: August 2011

Category: Marketing a Fundraiser

Facebook and Fundraisers – A Perfect Match

Written August 27, 2011 by Alan Lopez 0

If you are launching a non-profit marketing campaign for fundraising purposes, you will certainly want to take advantage of the myriad of online tools that can make your job ten times easier. Whereas in years past, fundraiser participants were expected to go door to door requesting donations, today's savvy tech users know that marketing a fundraiser through the Internet can dramatically improve your overall results. In fact, some research has shown that those who use Facebook and other social media have increased total fundraising tallies by more than 40%.

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Marketing For A Cause

Written August 16, 2011 by James Porter 0

How to Excel at Non-Profit Marketing There are not too many people who would wait in line to run a fundraiser, and perhaps even fewer who would help advertise the fundraiser. However, if you're marketing a fundraiser, there are a few things you can do that will make the process almost painless. It's important to have a strategy. Online Marketing

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5 Tips For Telling Your Fundraising Story

Written August 03, 2011 by James Porter 0

Marketing a fundraiser is a challenge, because many people feel uncomfortable soliciting money. However, believing in the value of your own fundraiser can make the process rewarding. There are five things to do persistently. 1. Cast vision. Great causes motivate people's hearts. Don't ask people to "volunteer a few hours" or "contribute a few dollars," ask people to help you change the world. Describe in the most convincing way you can that your causes is worthy, so much so that it feels like the world might end if donors don't contribute.

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