Date: August 2011

Category: Fundraising Follow-Up

What Does Success Look Like? Measuring Fundraising Results

Written August 24, 2011 by Jen Johnson 0

"That went well." That's what we hope to say after every fundraiser. Of course, how do we measure whether the fundraiser really went well? In fundraising follow up, we want to be sure of exactly how successful it was. There are three measures we can use for this. The first is how much money the fundraiser brought in. After your fundraiser, you should make sure to accurately record the cash that was brought in and that it all goes to the right destination. Set some of it aside for things like thanking your volunteers.

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Recognize and Reward Your Fundraising Rock Stars

Written August 03, 2011 by Mary Conroy 0

So, you just had a very successful fundraiser. No event can go smoothly without volunteers, and some individuals go above and beyond the call of duty, becoming those stars the event could not have gone so smoothly without. After your fundraiser, it is important to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed towards its success. Setting aside a small part of the budget to do so is not a waste of money; it's how we get our valuable volunteers to return.

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