Date: August 2011

Category: Cookie Dough Fundraising

Sell More Cookie Dough at Your Next Fundraiser

Written August 22, 2011 by James Porter 0

  For a fundraising event to be a success it is essential that we have a clear idea beforehand about what we are going to make or do in order to tempt people to part with their hard earned dollars. Often, we go for the well proven method of appealing to people's stomachs by selling something edible, tasty and irresistible. We find that nothing works better in tempting people's taste buds than having a cookie dough fundraising event.

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Great Fundraising Ideas for Back to School

Written August 03, 2011 by James Porter 0

The idea of fundraising makes a lot of people uncomfortable, because the first image that comes to mind is door-to-door sales. Many people grow up with no experience of fundraising but Girl Scouts and Sports Clubs magazine sellers knocking on the door, stumbling through a sales pitch, and risking rejection. Nothing could be further from reality in the modern world. Fundraising has had a make-over, and now you can do it easily and quickly. When you get into it, it can be a lot of fun!

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