Planning Your Next Dynamic Fundraising Campaign

Written June 30, 2014 by Jen Johnson 0

When running a successful and dynamic Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser you often get so caught up in the activities and in leading your groups that you forget to monitor your cash flow. You must continually check your donations and take note of when you need to revamp your fundraising message or activities. Be sure to communicate your needs to your donors and explain what your needs are and how your donations are down. You can best do this when you know:

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Fundraising Fan Photo Friday June 27th

Written June 27, 2014 by Mary Conroy 0

It's once again for another new installment of Fundraising Photo Friday. We wanted to share with you some of the great pictures of our tasty Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising treats from across the web on Fridays.

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Develop a Strategy To Build a Dynamic Fundraising Campaign

Written June 26, 2014 by James Porter 0

To run a successful and dynamic Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraising campaign you need to make sure that all the pieces are in place for both your short and long-term fundraising goals. Most nonprofits and organizations continually run fundraising activities and these require you to create a strategy, even before starting any of the activities.  Write a mission statement – Make sure you share your goals and ideas in this one statement. But you also want to make it very clear and memorable.

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Unique Ideas Lead To School Fundraising Success

Written June 25, 2014 by Jen Johnson 0

Schools that fundraise successfully offer a quality product to their donors. You need to ensure that you are offering people in the community, something that they actually want to purchase. When you are hosting a fundraiser, choose a quality product, such as Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, for your donors to purchase. If you do this, your donors will get a good quality product, which they actually want, and you will get a donation for your cause.

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Keys That Each Successful Fundraising Campaign Will Have

Written June 24, 2014 by Mary Conroy 0

Everything about your next Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraising campaign must be professional. Use our professional fundraising marketing materials such as press releases, flyers, signs, and others to do this. Develop a professional presentation and train your team members to use it. Develop a dress code for your volunteers, so that they are easy to recognize throughout your community.

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