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Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising offers an awesome prize program to help your organization sell more, and make more!

The Otis Spunkmeyer Online Prize Program is designed to generate excitement for your fundraiser and motivate individual sellers in your group to get out there and sell. We all know that motivating kids to sell fundraising products can be a challenge, and the right incentive program is key. The more people in your group that participate in your fundraiser, the more money you’ll make for your cause. Not only do you want to get 100% of your group selling, but you also want each person to sell A LOT. So your prize program should include items that are fashionable, high quality and in demand.

The Otis prize program is flexible with three different categories that you can choose from to fit the needs of your group, active, music, and games.  And it features great prizes like colorful rally wigs, light up tamborines, video chat cameras, portable speakers, and much more.

Prize Program BraceletsEach prize is high quality and useful for a variety of activities, and best of all, this program is easy to implement and offers true flexibility for you and the sellers in your group. We also have incorporated the use of participation prizes, we now have colorful bracelets with fun sayings you will get at the beginning to pass out to your sellers as they reach sales hurdles set by you. Collect them all!

Incentives and prizes are critical in fundraising -- especially school fundraising where the kids are doing the selling -- so make sure you put the best fundraising incentive program in place. You can set it up anyway you think will motivate your sellers best, everyone can sell to earn individual prizes, work toward a larger team prize, or you can order a couple larger prizes and have a raffle for those that sell. We encourage you to create the program that works with your group the best.

Every group is unique, so whether you use one of our prize programs, or develop a solution more customized for your group, our Otis fundraising experts can help set you on the right track!


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